March 2017 - Self–Remembering, what is it and why is it Important?

February 2017 - Angles on False Personality and the Lower Self

January 2017 - Theory and Practice


December - Valuing Presence

November - Scale and Relativity

October - Lord of the Dance

September - The Eternal Quest

August - Awakening through the Senses

July - The joy of efforts

June - The essence of reality

May - The Tradition of Repetition

April - The Golden Thread

March - Transformation of Suffering

February - The Three Forces

January - How to be wholehearted?


December - The Main Actor and the Child

November - Begin at the Beginning

October - The Quiet Mind

September - Alchemy and Impressions in the Moment

August - The Master Game

July - The Breath of Life

June - What’s the problem?

May - Deepening our Work, the Static Triad

April - The Essential Ingredient

March - Work ‘I’s

February - The Garden between Earth and Heaven

January - The Inner Meaning