September 2012

Fellowship of Friends

Outside Help

Success in anything we do relies on a perfect alignment of three forces: talent, strong desire, and luck. To have talent is to have a natural ability in a given area. To have strong desire is to want something badly enough for a very long time; strong desire is the source of stamina and this enables the necessary discipline that allows us to hone our skills.

But luck. Ah! That is the one thing we cannot buy, we cannot steal, we cannot conjure. Why? Because luck does not exist on the same level as our lives; it is something outside of us. Luck opens doors when we are pressed to the wall, allows new possibilities to enter when we have exhausted all resources and gets us to a place beyond ourselves. Luck truly is outside help.

Let’s consider the master game of awakening. It’s not uncommon for a person to be present in the moment. Great athletes call it “being in the zone”; where their focus is on what is before them and they are not distracted by anything outside of their goal. But then what? After the achievement, they’re thinking about future ones or reveling in past ones. To them, being present in the moment simply helps them reach their goal. It is not the goal itself.

But what if it is the goal, to be present to your life always and everywhere? Many of us have the ability to be present, but do we have the desire to do it always and everywhere? Do we want it badly enough for a long time? Most of the time we don’t. We see presence as a tool that heightens whatever moment appears to be special. We want to be present to our wedding, for example—we don’t want one moment to go by without remembering it, without savoring it. Why? Because we value that moment. But few people value every moment.

Let’s say we do have this strong desire and ability to be present. Yet we still find we can only remember ourselves occasionally, no matter how much we want to be present to everything. Something else keeps pulling us away, distracting us from our aim. This is more difficult than we thought: to be present to our lives, always and everywhere. Then what do we do? Do we give up? Do we become content with partial awakening, just turning on presence occasionally and only in those moments we value? Or is our desire stronger than that because we have tasted something beyond what the moment can offer: We have tasted our Self, and we want to BE it.

We have touched something deep inside that longs to exist and come into being. Once this longing has been established, we cannot return to sleep in the same old way. We know there is another reality. This is a new dilemma. We have gone as far as we can on our own. We need help if we wish to go further. But where and how do we find it?

This is where luck enters. Luck finds us, we do not find it. From luck’s higher perspective, it is fate. From our perspective, it manifests as chance or coincidence; we stumble upon it at exactly the right moment in our lives and it appears to come out of nowhere. But is there a way we can attract it? Strangely enough there is. It’s as simple as reaching the point in our lives where we recognize we desperately need help. Then this luck—this magic help— may reveal itself to us.

For those who want to awaken fully, this outside help brings with it Conscious Influence. Literally it influences our conscious development in the most mysterious and miraculous way. How do we recognize it? We recognize Outside Help—Conscious Influence—by the subtle and very personal way it guides us to being present in the moment whether or not we value that moment at all. Suddenly we are awake while brushing our teeth, for instance. Our consciousness has been influenced by something outside of ourselves. Like a magic wand, Conscious Influence sparks our divine Self and we recognize it instantly. And something inside of us wants more. It increases the desire to be present, and that in turn makes us want to learn how to bring more presence to each moment. Learning HOW is school work: only through school work directed by Conscious Influence, can our ability to be present grow, our desire increase and our luck abound. Outside help makes itself more and more manifest the more awake we are, the more we recognize the intervention of Divine Influence in our lives. The three forces support each other, and this triad opens the path to full awakening.

L. L. K.

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