"The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness."
Ancient Egyptian Texts

The Fellowship of Friends

March 2017

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Self–Remembering, what is it and why is it Important?

When speaking about consciousness, it is important to realize that we are using words to describe states of being that are beyond words. It may need years of special study and experimentation to approach any significant understanding of the meaning of the words that have been used. What is shared here may be taken as an indication of the long work necessary for each individual to come to his own conclusion.

All school traditions, from pre-history to today, including classical psychology, have recognized the chaos of the human mind and have sought remedies for this malady. The solution is not a quantitative change but a qualitative one. It’s not a question of more happiness or joy or goodness. It’s about becoming a different order of creation. We live an animal existence imagining we are human. We also have the potential for a human existence and a divine existence (Higher Self or Third Eye, which is the ultimate journey for man. With specific work and sufficient effort, directed by an awakened Teacher, higher states of consciousness that begin in flashes can ultimately become permanent. In this divine state, we have true joy and goodness.

The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness. 
Ancient Egyptian Texts

To begin to understand what consciousness is, we must understand what it is not. Consciousness is not movement, sensation, feeling, or thought. Consciousness in the universe is a vast spectrum, from the consciousness of a rock to that of the Absolute. The potential consciousness of man is also a vast spectrum. At some point in man, his awareness may approach that of the divine, also known as self-remembering, coexisting with his human and animal consciousness.

Self-remembering, or Third Eye, is that which watches the mind and heart and body but is separate from them. Self-remembering is not reserved for specific circumstances or conditions, it is for all the moments of one’s life, the significant as well as the commonplace; a quality of being fully awake to whatever one is doing.

Working on self-remembering also requires work on the heart. The untrained heart is immersed in uncontrolled and destructive animal passions that stalk men relentlessly throughout their lives. Men have observed this condition from the beginning and have devised means for coping. However, the trained heart has the strength and willingness to nurture and protect Third Eye - divine wordless presence. Training the heart begins with purifying and remembering the Self.

The Art of the Heart consists of maintaining firmly one’s heart-anchor in peace
and correctness. One must not allow oneself to be carried away by trembling passions or
abandon oneself to the never-assuaged desires of the senses.
Huang Di (Yellow Emperor)

How can we say this in a simple way? Like chess the rules are simple but difficult to master. Awakening is the Master Game. And the Master Game has a simple method that is easy to learn but hard to master. The method is simple and portable; it can be used in any condition or situation. Totally free from external or internal conditions, the method is not bound by anything, except our own wish to use it; hence the training of the heart. Together, this triad of Third Eye, the heart and the method, weave a fabric of presence accented with moments of golden self-remembering. With sufficient skill, the fabric become pure gold; self-remembering and Third Eye become permanent.

God [Third Eye] is always beyond goodness, righteous, all-wise, unchanging,
true, invisible, untouchable, ungraspable, perfect,
beyond being, full of mercy, full of compassion and sympathy, all-ruling, all-seeing.
Philokalia, Peter of Damaskos

This illuminates the inner meaning of school traditions, esoteric medicines and alchemy: the possibility to use the physical body to create an astral body.

But how can one learn the necessary methods and receive the required support for this tremendous journey that one has taken to embark upon? Heroes in fairy tales must always have outside help. One must find a school of awakening.

It is not possible for a person to reach the state of unveiling by his own effort alone.
Abu Ahmad

Schools are for ordinary people who are not satisfied with merely an animal or human existence. They are not satisfied because somehow, they have glimpsed higher levels of divine eternity, giving them insight into their own higher possibilities. If an ordinary man can make the necessary commitment and payment for this journey, the door lies open.


Kevin H. Brown


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